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How to Join

To become a member of Snetisham Beach Sailing Club simply complete an application form and return it to the Membership Secretary with the appropriate fees.

Renewal Letter 2018

Membership Application form 2018


Contact , Membership Secretary, if you have any questions regarding membership:  email

*Anyone wishing to launch a sailing dinghy for racing or recreational use, other than for mooring, requires Sailing membership.

Any club runs on the strength and support of its members. Snettisham Beach Sailing Club is no different to any other club and the club relies on the expertise and availability of you, the membership, to staff not only our sailing program but also events for juniors. (Rule 8.5) Sailing members have to do duties (3 per sailing member), without you doing your duties it would be impossible to run the programs we currently have in place.

Any member can receive help and guidance with their duties if required. Kindly note that it is your responsibility to organise a swap of duties in the event that you are unable to attend. Please do not contact a committee member and expect a replacement to be found. Racing could be forced to be cancelled or life put at risk if you do not attend or find a suitable replacement.

If we cannot find enough members to undertake duties we will have to reduce the size of club sailing and events. If you look at the total duty program in Dutyman you will see how much we rely on members to volunteer.

A voluntary duty buy out option is available for those Sailing Members who may be unable to carry out one or both of the 3 duties required with membership and are willing to make a pre season payment which will help the Club secure duty cover when most needed.

DONATIONS - Donations go towards improvements to the Club

You will need to have Adobe Reader® installed on your computer to view the membership form which can be download from Adobe's web site for free.